The company

If you do most of your laundry at home and love your clothes to smell fresh after a wash, then you must know how difficult it is to get a detergent which ensures pleasant fragrance, cleans well, removes all the stains and is still gentle on the clothes!If you are also looking out for one, your search ends on us. We have in the manufacturing of detergents for at least five decades and we bring our research and development to a whole new level by including home makers and young mothers on our panel of testers for our detergents.

Options galore:

We manufacture detergent in every form and for every kind of job. You ask for it and we have it!

  1. Powdered form: the normal detergent which is retailed in packs of 500gms and 1000gms and is most ideal for top loading washing machines.
  2. Liquid detergents: we also manufacture detergents in liquid form so that they are ideal for soaking and bucket wash of extremely delicate clothes. The liquid fabric detergent is the mildest. Therefore it is good for hand wash of exquisite silks and satins.
  3. Pods: pods designed by us have a combination of detergent and extreme stain removal formula and are best for heavier clothes and for upholstery and fabric washing. Pods are convenient and there is no mess and no spills.

Ranked #1 world over:

Our detergents have been ranked as the best performing detergents in the year 2015. Because they are concentrated in formula and also very effective you may need to use only one third of the portion of other detergents and thus it is more economical as they will not only clean better but use lesser and make for great savings in your monthly budgets.

Our soaps are environmentally friendly:

All the soaps and detergents made by us use only bio degradable surfactants and bio enzymes and they do not cause any harm to the environment. Because of this technology that we use, our products may be slightly higher priced but we assure you that what you get is value for money and well worth the price.When are you trying us? We will not let you down, that’s a promise!