Your laundry is piling up and it’s not stopped raining for days - here is the solution

During the winter and rainy days clothes will abound:

Much as you would love to have fewer clothes in the colder and the rainier months of the year, the fact is that more number of clothes is worn during these seasons and additionally, they need to be washed and dried well too. One half of the housekeeping job is to accumulate the clothes, then segregate them into wash cycles, wash them, dry them and then fold them and stack them away (phew!).So, even though you would want your children to remove lesser clothes, the laundry pile will invariably grows higher and higher. Hey, not anymore! Here is a list of five things that will ensure that your laundry is finished in lesser time and yes even on the rainy days.

  • Intelligently prioritizing the clothes:
  • There are certain clothes that you have to have ready always. For example, the blue pin striped shirt that you will need for office meetings often and your children’s PE uniforms which has to be ready lest there is a sports class at short notice. These are the clothes that you need to prioritize when you do your laundry find more about clothing please visit this site .

    We recommend that during the rainy and cold season you label a laundry basket as ‘priority’ and place it conveniently outside the bath so that people notice the label and intelligently segregate their clothes at source itself. In any given emergency, the required clothes will be ready, nicely washed and patiently dried!

  • Getting the loads ready before the wash:

    While segregating wash loads, it is strongly recommended that you uncurl collars, roll out the sleeves and separate clothes from their inner sleeves. This will help in washing the clothes out evenly and also does not requiring any scrubbing by hand to remove the grime that may be left behind.

    The bonus of course is that you will save a lot of trouble and time untangling the clothes and drying them at the clothes stand.

  • Use fragrant washing detergents:
  • During this season particularly, choose a flavor that has the ability to mask the scent of mildew and wetness. Fragrant soap will not only keep your clothes smelling fresh but also lift up your spirits with its lovely fragrances.

  • Use your tumble dry feature sparingly:
  • Yes, we know you are tempted to use your tumble dry feature in the washing machine most in this season. While tumble dry can leave your clothes crinkled, they can also be a source of worry because they use almost half of your electricity in one cycle. Still, the broader rule is use it if you must but make sure that it is appropriately filled because if it is too empty or too full, it may not be as efficient as it should be.One intelligent hack is to put a damp towel inside the tumble dry which can take away extra water before the tumble dry so that the machine does not have to run for too long.

  • Putting up a drying line indoor:
  • You miss your garden drying line but no worries as you can identify a place inside the house where there is lesser traffic and that has a source for natural air circulation like a small roof window to allow the moisture to escape from the clothes. Alternatively, even a ceiling fan will do the trick.Do not overlap the clothes while drying and don’t dry them too close to each other. The clothes have to be dried with a lot of space between them. Before drying them, you may want to flick the clothes once or twice to remove the extra water. This trick also works to remove creases too, especially before the ironing.

    You may also be tempted to throw your damp clothes into the radiator but you must hold yourself. Frequently drying the clothes can shorten their lives considerably and also cause irreparable damage to the fibers of the clothes. Most experts will recommend the use of line drying especially if you have time at hand.So, here they were – the five awesome tips that will solve your laundry woes on a wet day. We know there are days in a week when you are just too tired and worn out with the cold and the day-long rain that you are in no mood for the laundry job. Relax! Give yourself a break.Doing laundry is a routine job and it can get mundane at times. Do take your breaks often by asking your partner and children to lend you a hand. You can even turn the boring job into an awesome family work over which a lot of bonding can happen.

    We d like to quote this in the end “Don’t give up though the pace may seem slow, you might succeed with another blow.”